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Wednesday, June 06, 2018
By Sara's Photography
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Good Morning Everyone!!!


I woke up today feeling like a wanted to give away something... I've been thinking about it and I want to give away a product that I love, so I will be giving away a FREE canvas!  Canvases are my favorite, I have them all over my house!  I prefer the more modern look without a frame or you can be fancy and add a custom frame to match your home, they're just so easy and come ready to be hung.  I also tell my clients, the bigger the better.  So I will be giving away a 20x24 canvas this month. 


Throughout the month I will be adding the names of my clients who have sessions in the month of June and I will draw a name at random at the end of the month!  Whooo that sounds great right?!  If you don't have an appointment in June, its ok, you can still make one, or I will be giving EVERYONE ELSE $25.00 OFF a canvas ordered in the month of June.  


*To place a canvas order, please visit your online gallery and choose your FAVORITE image and add it to your cart.  If you don't currently have an online gallery up, its ok, email me at and let me know which session and which image you'd like and I'll do the rest!


Thank you to all my amazing clients!  I hope you enjoy this discount and I'm looking forward to seeing who WINS!!





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