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Monday, July 23, 2018
By Sara's Photography
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At Sara's Photography we are constantly buying new backdrops and props.  As many of you have seen when you come into Sara's Studio you'll find a wall of headbands, a wall of hats, a room (or 3) full of props... we need to have all those things, some of our clients frequent us every 3 months.  Not complaining, shopping for props is more fun then shopping for ourselves.  So we are CONSTANTLY looking for models to use for these new props/backdrops/outfits and even new locations.  Make sure to follow our FB page to see when we are in new, we just might need your family or child.  If you are interested in being a model for one of our upcoming new things, send us a quick email with your children's names, sizes, ages and a photo to

Recently we acquired an adorable floral bonnet and blush dress from Joyfolie and posted on our Facebook business page that we were in search of a model to show it off.  We got sooooo many people interested, but we couldn't use everyone.  These are the 3 little cuties from each session that were chosen this time....

Miss Scarlett

Miss Syndney

Miss Hudson

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