Poppin the Question?
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Tuesday, July 24, 2018
By Sara's Photography
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Poppin' the Question?

Are you or someone you know going to pop the question?




We want to be there to photograph this special moment.  The look on her face when you get down on one knee... in the heat of the moment all those memories will go by so fast and you'll look back and not regret having images of each and every moment, like when she wipes away those tears of happiness.


Send us an email about how you're going to pop the question, where you are going to do it and when.  We can be there in plain site or we can make sure we are in a place that she wont notice we are even there.  This can be everything you want it to be.


Want to know whats even better?  We aren't even going to charge you to be there.  YUP!  FREE!!!  After the images are complete you and your FIANCE will come in for a free consultation to view the images and choose your favorite for purchase.



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